Do you want to heal your bursitis? Fast? Naturally?

Hi, I'm Emilie. And I'm a bursitis survivor.

Yes, it is possible!

I did it.

I ditched the conventional therapies commonly prescribed by medical doctors.

I said no to chemicals.

And then I finally waved goodbye to chronic bursitis that was crippling my life.

The solution was so simple, so natural. So fast. You can do it too!

It's mindblowing how many natural alternatives for treating bursitis and your health in general has the nature created for us.

It's mindboggling how we forgot about them so quickly and turned to the 'magical chemical pill' of the Big Pharma instead.

The problem is, it took me years to figure that out. Those years of my life I lost to the agonising bursitis pains.


There's no one comprehensive resource out there for bursitis and tendonitis sufferers who want to cure their aliment in a completely natural way and share what works for them with others.

So I am on a mission to change that. I want to spread the word of powerful natural bursitis cures. That's what this site is all about.

After years of the 'bursitis-break' I ran a half-marathon this year again. And it was divine.

But it is the daily little things that matter the most to me.

Being able to sleep at night without the awful bursitis pains waking me up.

Not even mentioning being able to sleep on my side again, which I could not for years because of the bursitis camped in my hips.

Walking out of the office at the lunch break to get my lunch....

Enjoying regular yoga classes...

Going for a swim or a walk with my friends whenever I feel like it....

I want you to get rid of bursitis and enjoy your life again!

Welcome to and good luck on your bursitis-free journey!


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