Bursitis EFT tapping therapy -
Emotional Freedom Technique

“The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” Gary Craig, Founder of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • Chinese traditional medicine discovered energy meridians more than 5.000 years ago. Acupuncture and martial arts followed.
  • Albert Einstein concluded that everything is composed of energy.
  • Quantum theory says that everything is a form of energy as a solid (e.g. humans, animals, trees, mountains, rivers) or non-solid (e.g. feelings) matter.

EFT, developed in the nineties, combines the modern studies of energy system of the world with the ancient oriental acupuncture points. But without the needles. As the name suggests, it is more of an emotional rather than physical technique.

Similarly to acupressure, fingertips are used to tap on and stimulate certain energy meridian points on the body to improve our health and wellbeing.

How to EFT

The emotional freedom technique is practiced by:

  • Tapping the fingertips on certain meridian points encouraging smooth and even flow of energy in the body
  • Patient thinking of physical pains or negative emotions he/she wishes to release.

Healthy body = balanced energy. Negative emotions disrupt our body energy balance and in turn also our physical health.

The bursitis EFT tapping technique re-creates the energy balance in our body and so accelerates to pain relief and healing.

EFT boom

EFT is one of the fastest growing 'alternative' health therapy techniques out there these days.

Many trauma treatment centers now offer EFT for pain relief as a part of their recovery programs.

Wondering why EFT is so popular?

  • EFT is an easy and efficient self-help tool. Almost anyone with minimal amount of training can do it. You do not have to be an experienced practitioner to apply EFT on yourself.
  • No special diagnosis is required to start the treatment.
  • No specific pattern of tapping must be followed for EFT to be effective.
  • No negative side effects of EFT are known.
  • EFT process only tends to take a couple of minutes. Yet, the effects are long lasting.
  • Negative emotions as well as specific physical pains or illness can be addressed by this method.
  • EFT can boost healing mechanisms in the body considerably.

Meridian points

We've established that life - from plants to humans - is nourished by energy (Chi / Prana / Vital / Spirit / Life energy...whatever you wish to call it).

This energy is transported throughout our body via pathway lines called meridians (Chinese / Chi / Energy meridians). They are like energy highways or rivers, if you like, providing life to surrounding areas.

When this energy gets disrupted (e.g. as a result of an injury), one can experience all sorts of emotional and physical discomfort and pain - including bursitis.

That's where EFT comes in.

With tapping on the specific points along our meridians, where the pathways meet or rise close to the surface, the energy disruptions can return to balance, running smoothly and freely to all parts of our body.

Here is a list of some of the most used bursitis EFT tapping points:

  • Under eyes (stomach meridian)
  • Side of eyes (gall bladder, small intestine, 'triple warmer' meridian)
  • Beginning of eyebrows (bladder, stomach)
  • Side of the hand (small intestine)
  • Collarbone (kidney)
  • Under nose (large intestine, 'governing' meridian)
  • Under arms (spleen)
  • Top of head ('governing' meridian)
  • Side of the thumb
  • Chin

Don't get emotional

Bursitis EFT tapping can help you identify and release the underlying emotional pain that causes the physical discomfort you are experiencing as a result of bursitis / tendonitis.

When you are not happy, you can say: "I was so angry I saw red." / "I was burning mad." These expressions are suspicously similar to inflammation sumptoms of bursitis / tendonitis, right? This is not a coincidence. Research has proven a relationship of negative emotions (e.g. anger, fear, guilt; especially suppressed emotions) and inflammatory conditions (particularly chronic ones). They might not be the cause, but they certainly are a contributor.

Bursitis EFT tapping can bring up emotions that might even be hidden from our conscious mind so we can look inward, give them attention and acknowledgement. It can be current problems causing you stress at this particular point in time as well as a 'root' issue that might be at the core of your bursitis condition.

When this happens, your stress hormones to return to normal levels an so:

  • pain decreases
  • healing abilities of your body are found again
  • energy in your body is balanced

By regular EFT tapping, we can clear energy blocks before they even have time to affect the corresponding physical areas of the body and grow into a disease and so it is a great technique for prevention of bursitis and tendonitis flares.

Meridian based therapies

This article mentions bursitis EFT tapping therapy as it is the one I find the easiest and I am the most familiar with. However, there is a large variety of Meridian based methods, techniques and interventions out there that utilize meridian points.

This includes the predecessor of EFT (but much more complicated one) called Thought Field Therapy (TFT).

Also, Emotional Freedom Technique includes more advanced methods such as Breathing technique or Story telling technique.

Do you think it's all a bit woo woo?

Exactly to what extent we can really influence the mind and body balance is a debatable issue. Also, there are not many scientific studies out there focusing on the effect of EFT on our health.

But the number of positive testimonials of people overcoming health issues - including joint problems such as arthritis, bursitis and tendonitis - with the help of EFT is overwhelming.

So why not tap along and see what 'secrets' come up to the surface. Maybe you'll be surprised and dig up some real 'treasures' that are causing your bursitis pains!

A healthy level of skepticism is always appropriate. But there is nothing you can lose by trying the bursitis EFT tapping. And there is everything to win. Bursitis-free and pain-free life!

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