Healing Bursitis Affirmations

"Change your thoughts, change your life."

That applies for bursitis and tendonitis too. You can persuade your brain to ditch the bursitis pain once and for all. Let's see how.

Body + Mind = Pain ?

The connection between mind and body is well known. It is a fact that most physical illnesses are psychosomatic, i.e. have an underlying mental cause.

Patients suffering from chronic negative emotions tend to also suffer from chronic health issues. For example, bursitis may be caused by long held resentments.

Even inflammation can be considered psychosomatic in a sense that the immune system of the body was low due to emotional reasons and so did not manage to heal the damaged tissues sufficiently.

That's the bad news. The good news is, that it also works the other way round. The same way negative thoughts and words can cause bad health, positive thoughts and words can promote good health.

Repeating health affirmations helps the mind to feel positive emotions and think healthy thoughts, which affect the subconscious mind to such a degree that it slowly starts tranforming the body to align it with these thoughts of health.

Have you not heard about this before? Well, they don’t want you to. There is too much money to be made selling drugs and surgery. There’s no profit in teaching you some simple old good healing tendonitis and bursitis affirmations.

What are bursitis affirmations ?

Some common definitions of affirmations:

  • Statement said with confidence about a perceived truth
  • Clear statement consciously said to produce a desired result
  • Mantras to help reinforce a positive attitude to get you there
  • Frequently repeated statement - verbal, mental, or written
  • Blasting your brain with statements that will reprogram it and produce your desired state or behaviour

Basically, you can program your brain so it feels no bursitis pain.

How does it work ?

Remember when you watched a movie and you started to laugh or cry as you were empathizing with the characters on the screen?

That's how affirmations work. The movie is not real, it's just some Hollywood magic. But you laughed, you cried, you felt it. At that point in time, the movie was your reality.

This is because the mind doesn't know the difference between what is reality or imagination.

Your physical reality is directly related to your beliefs. In the world of your mind, truth is relative - something does not necessarily have to be really factually true to be a statement of truth.

If you are familiar with the movie 'The Secret' or the quantum energy and Law of Attraction theories, then you know that everything in this world is energy and that positive energy attracts more positive energy (and vice versa).

We all emit energy vibrations through our thoughts and feelings. By reinforcing these thoughts in the form of affirmations over a period of time, we can create healthy beliefs and change the events in our lives accordingly. We are conscious creators of our lives.

That is how tendonitis and bursitis affirmations can have the ability to program your mind into believing that you do not suffer from any pain at all.

How can you make it happen ?

Affirmations do work, but only if you know how to use them correctly.


Affirmations are the most effective when stated in the present tense.


  • Good affirmation: "I am healthy"
  • Bad affirmation: "I want to be healthy" or "I am going to be healthy"

As if you are affirming something in the future tense, the results will always be waiting to happen.


Affirmations need to be stated in the most positive terms possible. Avoid negative statements.


  • Good affirmation: "I am healthy"
  • Bad affirmation: “I am not sick”

Your mind does not really differentiate between do's and dont's so do not confuse it by mentioning the undesirable condition.

Short and specific

Short, specific and to the point bursitis affirmations are easy to say, and have a far greater impact on the subconscious mind than those which are long, wordy and confusing.


The most powerful bursitis affirmations are where spoken/written word is accompanied by visualisation, and an emotional charge.

Get involved, passionate, use your emotions. Think carefully about the meaning of the words as you are writing or saying them.

Your affirmations must resonate with you, the stronger your connection with the affirmation is, the deeper impression it makes on your emotions and mind.

While repeating your bursitis affirmations, play a mental movie in your head, visualizing yourself when you have already achieved the goals.


For the healing affirmations to work, you have to

  • Believe

Believe that affirmations work, that you do have control over your life, and that your mind can speed up healing.

  • Feel

You need to feel with your whole self what it will be like when the wish you are affirming is fulfilled. Imagine that the desire has already happened. Feel the happiness and freedom of pain-free and bursitis-free life, for example.

  • Sync

It is essential that your feelings are in sinc with what you are affirming.

For example, affirming peace when feeling anger will not work.

If the affirmation statement makes you feel uncomfortable, reword it.


As you are repeating your tendonitis / bursitis affirmations, place your hand on the area of the body affected by the condition.

Breathe into the affected area while you are saying or writing the affirmation.

This works because you move the affirmation to a real, positive embodiment of the result you are looking for.

Repetition & Persistence

Repetition is the secret to why affirmations work. Or don't.

I can't emphasize enough the importance of repetition to imprint the bursitis affirmations into your subconscious mind.

In fact, did you know that there is an entire industry dedicated to doing just that, i.e. repeating their message to you repetitively and in creative ways so you become subconsciously programmed to purchase their product? Yep, it's the advertising industry.

It is a bit like exercise. It takes to work out several times a week to build up muscle strength and tone.

This is something that needs to become a habit, a part of you. And that is going to take time.

There are a number of ways how you can expose your mind to affirmations repeatedly.

  • Speak the affirmation out loud (ideally in front of a mirror) for about five minutes three times a day.
  • If you are at work / in the office, just write out the affirmation several times in a notebook.
  • To accelerate the effect of your affirmations you can easily use note cards, mp3's, cd's, software, brainwave entrainment and music,...

Use whatever it takes to get that message presented to your mind as often as possible.

Example Bursitis Affirmations

  • Bursitis is leaving my body.
  • Inflammation is leaving my body.
  • Pain is leaving my body.

  • I am healing.
  • Healing energy flows through my body.
  • I feel healing energy moving to my ___ (body part).
  • Healing energy fills my ___ (body part).
  • Every day in every way I am getting healthier and feeling better.

  • I love myself and I am perfectly healthy.
  • I am grateful for my good health.
  • My body is strong and healthy. My immune system is strong and healthy.

  • I am not the pain in my body. I am separate from the pain.
  • I have a life that is separate from the pain.
  • I relax around the pain.
  • As I create relaxation and comfort, my pain releases and lessens.
  • I ask the pain to release and lessen.
  • I ask the pain to leave my body.
  • The pain is leaving my body and I am grateful.
  • I see myself without pain. I move through my life feeling relaxed and comfortable. I am at peace.
  • There are people in my life who care about me. As I receive their love, the pain lessens. I am not alone.
  • I send love to the part of me that is in pain.

  • I accept what is. I appreciate the good things in my life.
  • I accept my life and enjoy my life as it is today.

It's up to you

Bursitis affirmations work. But affirmations can be used for so much more than healing. Personal wealth, relationships, jobs,...

Your subconscious mind can be trained to work for you to get all the things you want in life.

It is all up to you. Believe in positive affirmations or don't. Make the time or don't. It is your life.

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