Bursitis Copper Bracelet: Yes or No?

Patients and natural healers generally say Yes. Some scientists say No. Others are indifferent.

Whatever the answer, the truth is that copper bracelets have been worn by people for hundreds of years - as far as 2,200 BC!

Hippocrates himself recommended copper for leg varicose veins and ulcers. And your grandmother perhaps wore a penny in her shoe as a prevention or cure for arthritis also.

Nowadays copper bracelets are used all over the world by people with various musculoskeletal disorders to relieve their pain.

Well, my stance is: if you wear jewlerry anyway, there is nothing to lose, only to gain, by getting yourself a nice little bursitis copper bracelet, right?

There are some very trendy pieces out there. I personally love my handrafted Himalayan copper bracelet from National Geographic. Not only it is my favorite piece of jewlerry, I am sure it did its part in healing my hip bursitis too. Two birds with one stone. Health and beauty.

And if you're not into bracelets, you can get copper patches instead.

What is copper good for?

Copper is one of the essential minerals that our body needs with the following benefits:

  • Fights anti-inflammatory conditions such as bursitis, tendonitis or arthritis
  • Supports bones, joints and connective tissues
  • Aids production of collagen and elastin
  • Protects us against oxidative tissue damage and blood clotting
  • Creates energy and adrenaline when it reacts with certain body enzymes
  • Has positive effect on overall health

These days, the quality of our food is not what it used to be and as a result, many people are deficient in minerals, including copper.

By wearing a copper bracelet you ensure that your body is getting constant 'slow-release top-ups' of copper throughout the day to help you deal with your inflammatory condition.

Bursitis copper bracelet FAQs

  • Are there side effect to wearing copper bracelets?

There are no side effect, only the natural green mark that can appear on your wrist.

  • Is the green ring on my wrist after wearing the bracelet poisonous?

No, it is a harmless result of the minute trace amouts of copper being absorbed through your skin as your body sweats.

  • Can you wear your watch on the same hand with the bracelet?

Yes, they will not interfere with each other.

  • Can you wear the bracelet on either arm?

Yes, but as the left arm is known a the 'receiver of energy', it is recommended that you wear your bracelet there.

  • Can I wear the bracelet at night?

Yes, and you should. Unless it is uncomfortable for you, in which case copper patches might be the answer.

So what do you think, bursitis copper bracelet Yes or No?

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