Bursitis diet - Beat the pain with food

Why bursitis diet? Well, Hippocrates once said ”All diseases begin in the gut.” He came to that mind-blowingly simple but powerful conclusion at about 400 years BC, and it still applies today.

When you are blind with bursitis / tendonitis pain, your diet might be the last thing on your mind. Yet, the foods we put into our mouths every day play a major role in fighting the inflammation of bursitis and tendonitis.

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Bursitis and tendonitis are often a warning sign of malnourishment. How cynical when the shelves in our grocery shops are overflowing with products in all shapes and forms, right?

The problem is, you can be malnourished even when eating all day long. The key is not only in eating enough food, but in eating the right foods!

Anti-inflammatory warriors

Your bursitis diet should be centered around foods that help to heal - and certainly do not promote - inflammation in the body.

Foods like greens, vegetables, fruits can certainly ease the pain. Many patients report whole grains and fish as helpful also. Natural, fresh, non-GMO foods are the best for your health.

Human body consist of about 70% water. So it's not all about food. Keep yourself properly hydrated at all times. Purified water, vegetable and green juices, herbal tea,....

Show stoppers

In fact, it is not as much about what you do eat rather than about what you do not eat.

When it comes to bursitis diet, avoid GMOs, processed foods high in refined fats, sugar, salt and other harmful toxins that may cause inflammation in your body.

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Pull the trigger

Did you know that certain foods can trigger flares of bursitis and tendonitis?

Now might be the right time to learn about your food tolerance levels.

How? There are many ways - starting with a simple daily 'food and symptom' journal to food tolerance blood tests.

Little helpers

It would be difficult to put together a diet that would contain every single nutrient your body needs to fight the bursitis / tendonitis inflammation - and enough of them at that.

That’s when supplements come into play to provide extra intensive hit of nutrients to promote healing in your body.

Why not try: glucosamine sulphate, omega-3 fatty acids or the old good vitamin C?

Carry the weight

Body weight puts enormous stress on your joints and hence is a major risk factor for bursitis / tendonitis.

Also, pain makes exercise almost impossible and your body might expand exponentially in a record time as a result of bursitis / tendonitis, putting even more pressure on the joints and making the inflammation worse. A vicious cycle that is very difficult to handle once you get trapped in it. That's why bursitis / tendonitis patients should watch what they eat more than everyone else.

Bursitis diet basically equals clean, simple, healthy, natural, nutritious eating.

All in all, bursitis / tendonitis might as well be a blessing in disguise as it can 'force' you to improve your diet significantly for the rest of your life.

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