Bursitis Feng Shui Healing

Bursitis Feng Shui is an ancient method of creating a harmonious environment - the exterior and interior space where you live and work - including light, colors, sounds, smells, materials or furniture.

As our physical health is closely interconnected with our environment, tuning yourself into it can help you become as healthy as you can be.

Fun Feng Shui Facts

The Neanderthal cavemen chose their caves to live in based on three criteria:

  1. hight from the ground
  2. visibility of the surrounding area from the cave entrance
  3. accessibility of water

So even our old ancestors were naturally aware of the effects of placement in their environment. And that was some good 25,000 years ago or more.

Interestingly enough, all three of the cavemen criteria are in harmony with the basic principles of Feng Shui, which literally means wind-water.

Feng (wind) and shui (water) are the two natural elements that flow everywhere on Earth and are essential for our survival, health and well-being. Without air we would die in moments. Without water, we would die in days.

Feng Shui has developed in ancient China about 8,000 years ago and it was a well kept secret, known only to a handful of scientists commissioned to maintain the health, wealth, and power of the emperors. Beijing's spectacular complex of palaces, courtyards and temples - the Forbidden City - is a prime example of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui become more sophisticated over the centuries and was introduced to the US by Master Lin Yun in the 1970s.

Nowadays, it's everywhere: homes, hotels, cafes,...

Even entire communities in Hong Kong have been planned according to Feng Shui and so were premises of corporations like Citicorp or the Trump's empire, who are using Feng Shui to improve their business.

And yes, the British Royal family are believed to Feng Shui it too.

Top Tips For Your Bursitis-free Home

Life force energy Chi (Qi) flows through our body and living environment. When the energy flows too fast, too slow or gets blocked, the unbalanced Chi may lead to illness.

To figure out the most optimal bursitis Feng Shui energy home set up for you, a Feng Shui expert practitioner (geomancer) will consider:

  • Representation of all five elements - water, fire, wood, metal, earth (the element primarily assocciated with health is wood)
  • Optimum balance between yin (feminine passive energy) and yang (masculine active energy)
  • Compass directions
  • Chinese horoscope and astrology
  • Electromagnetic fields

But you don't have to be a geomancer and perform complex mathematical calculations to create a positive bursitis Feng Shui healing environment for yourself.

You can just simply implement in your home some of the following ideas:


Good quality air should be the No.1 bursitis Feng Shui health priority so do whatever it takes to get it:

  • Keep your windows open as much as possible - day and night
  • Use air-purifiers
  • Use air-purifying and oxygen creating plants
  • Do breathing exercises


  • Use incandescent bulbs that do not flicker too much
  • Let natural sunlight into your home - open windows and doors
  • Install some smart indoor lighting and dimmers
  • Support body's natural cycle - avoid bright light before bedtime


One simple Feng Shui tip to improve health and reduce pain associated with bursitis and tendonitis is to find ways to introduce more colour into your home:

  • Paint your walls in different colors
  • Use colorful wallpaper
  • Have fun with some colorful bedding, decorative objects, artwork

Each colour has an energy vibration which affects us in different ways. Some examples:

  • Soft yellows, peaches, greens, blues, purples and other soothing earth tones help you to unwind and relax
  • Orange and blue (light, indigo) are said to be good for hip bursitis
  • Red, green and light blue are said to be good for knee bursitis

Ask yourself what color would make you feel happy and in peace. Then use this color in your home and see what happens. Let your intuition guide you on your way to health.


Aromatherapy is an integral part of bursitis Feng Shui. Just put a couple of drops of essential oil(s) into candle diffuser so that it can release the powerful scents into the air and you are set.

Best bursitis anti-inflammatory and healing essential oils include majoram and lavender - read more about aromatherapy for bursitis here.


Create bursitis Feng Shui calming environment for yourself with music:

  • Filter loud noise and intrusive sounds
  • Play soothing music
  • Play natural sounds - e.g. waves, mountain streams, chirping birds
  • Play brainwave music

Find recordings that were made using actual natural sounds rather than those produced electronically, the energy charge is totally different.


Add some softer textures to your living areas - touchy couch cover, pillows, towels, fluffy carpets,...


Plants enhance health. Especially those big, tall, leafy ones (e.g. ficus).

Note: cacti are amazing electro magnetic field blockers next to your laptop, but will do more harm than good in your bedroom.


Surround yourself with objects that raise your spirits whenever you lay your eye on them:

  • Artwork (soft colors are the best)
  • Family and/or holiday pictures
  • Decorative objects

Crystals & Precious Stones

Crystals are powerful energy activators and amplifiers, supporting free and balanced flow of energy in your home.

One of the main tools Feng Shui uses is an energy map Bagua (also known as Pakua / Lo Shu grid / Magic Square), which divides any given space into 8 areas that are each connected to specific areas of your life - wealth, love, family, knowledge, career,...

The 9th Bagua area in the very centre of the map is the Health section, which touches all other areas of Bagua, just as your health touches all other aspects of your life and being.

Specific gemstones are associated with each of the Bagua sections. The centre of the grid is associated with andalusite or tourmaline. So decorating your home with these bursitis Feng Shui stones will improve your physical health.


It is amazing how badly positioned furniture can affect our health:

  • Position your bed so that its head is against a wall and/or it is tucked in the back corner of a room (for grounding). Also, the foot of the bed should not be across from a door (for protection from fast moving energy).
  • Avoid having your chair positioned with your back facing the door, you should always have your eyes on the door.
  • Corners and edges of furniture should not aim at people.
  • Long empty stretches of room or hall are not ideal - use furniture to create the feeling of smaller and more intimate spaces.


To encourage positive energy flow in your home and so reduce your bursitis and tendonitis pains, all essential repairs should be taken care of:

  • Repair all doors to rooms and cabinets - hinges, doorknobs,...
  • Fix (and clean) your windows - the 'eyes of Chi life force'
  • Mend frayed wires as electricity represents our neurological balance
  • Replace empty light bulb sockets
  • Sinks, showers, tubs and toilets are connected to the Feng Shui water element and are potential energy drainers - so keep the bathroom doors closed, toilet lid down and the plugs in the drains
  • Carry out all necessary plumbing adjustments to fix leaky faucets, clogged drains


Clutter blocks energy in a room as well as in our body. It can make us congested and stuck.

De-clutter your living spaces, de-clutter your life, and what do you know, your bursitis may disappear.

Organized living environment is an antidote to illness and inflammation.

Good luck with getting rid of the clutter in your home and your body. Who knew that a bit of bursitis Feng Shui inspired cleaning could kick-start your journey to inflammation free life!

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