Bursitis Infrared Light Treatment

Why do I recommend bursitis infrared light treatment as an important element of your healing process?


  • They call it the most powerful no-prescription pain relief available
  • Infrared light has restorative effect on our body at a cellular level
  • Infrared light can also calm inflammation very effectively
  • Humans are light sensitive beings and so light has been used for healing for centuries
  • Did you know that Hippocrates had patients heal from their aliments in roofless buildings so they could soak up the sunshine?
  • They even say that NASA is planning to use infrared light to heal astronauts' injuries in the space.

Benefits of infrared light treatment for bursitis

Pain relief

How does the bursitis infrared light therapy help to relieve pain?

  • Helps blood vessels to widen, which increases blood circulation and brings pain relief to damaged tissues.
  • Stimulates hypothalamus that controls the production of endorphins. Endorphins are body's natural opiate-like neurochemicals providing pain relief and inducing feelings of happiness.
  • Sends negative ions to the body. As a response, the body then sends positive ions (e.g calcium) to the affected area and this relieves pain.
  • Blocks pain-transmitting neurochemicals.
  • Decreases stiffness of joints and muscles.

Swelling relief

Infrared light increases not only blood circulation but also the lymphatic system activity. In fact, the circulation of lymph can increase as much as two fold as a result of infra-red light treatment.

This is important for relief from swelling as edemas consist of fluid and protein. The fluids can be evacuated through blood, but the protein particles can really only be get rid of through the lymphatic sytem.

Accelerated healing

Bursitis infrared light treatment results in faster healing process, because it:

  • Stimulates tissue granulation and connective tissue projections, which are a big part of the healing process of injured and inflamed tissues.
  • Increases the production of collagen, the most common and essential protein found in the body. It is used to repair and replace damaged tissues. Collagen is basically like 'glue' holding cells together.
  • Increases the elasticity and extensibility of collagen cells.
  • Activated blood flow supplies damaged tissues with more nutrients and oxygen, which promotes healing as well.

Boosted immune system

Another major benefit of the bursitis infrared therapy is that it increases body's immunity - its own natural healing processes:

  • Creates a 'fever' reaction that kills bacteria.
  • Raises white blood cell count and function so they can better fight foreign pathogens, toxins, and cellular waste products.
  • Increases regeneration of capillaries (blood vessels) that by carrying more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and by carrying waste products away from the tissues speed up their healing.
  • Increases metabolism between blood and tissues.
  • Increases phagocytosis where your body's phagocytes are cleaning up dead and degenerated (e.g. by infection) cells.


And that's not all! Infrared light treatment also helps your body to detox:

  • Removes accumulated toxins by improving lymph circulation and by direct elimination of wastes through the skin.
  • Speeds up metabolic processes of organs and glands.

This is important because proper healing process can really only kick in after a proper 'clean-up' has been carried out in the body.


Infra-red light also has many prositve physiological effects on your mental and emotional state:

  • Muscles are relaxed
  • Heart is stimulated - feeling of invigoration
  • Better sleep
  • Nerves are soothed
  • Influx of endorphins leaves you with feelings of well-being

How does bursitis infrared treatement work?

Infrared light is commonly known as the 'Light of Life' or 'Invisible Light':

  • 'Light of Life'

Infrared light is essentially an energy that heats tissues directly, without heating the air in between the tissue and the infrared light transmitter (sun or man-made device). This penetrating heat activates and balances major bodily functions, increases cell communication, soothes the nerves and helps the body to heal itself naturally.

  • 'Invisible Light'

Infra-red light is an invisible part of the sunlight.

Infrared gadgets

Modern medical research lead to creation of numerous techniques and devices that use light for healing purposes.

Infrared light saunas, lamps, pads, belts, socks,...you name it!

For starters, you can just use stones like Jade, Amethyst or Tourmaline as they are all infrared emmitters.

Is bursitis infrared treatment safe?


So safe that it is used in hospitals to warm up babies in neonatal care units.

Infrared light is free from toxic electromagnetic fields. Quite the opposite, infrared light in fact acts as an antidote to the negative effects of unhealthy electromagnetic sources (e.g. mobile phones).

Although it is primarily emitted from the sun, along with the ultraviolet rays, which can cause sunburn and skin cancer, the infrared light is safe.

No side effects are known.

Infra red therapy can be used alongside conventional medical as well as alternative (e.g. chriopractic / physio, acupuncture,...) treatments.

Nevertheless, it is wise to exercise some level of caution:

  • Do not look directly into the infrared light device.
  • Do not use infrared light device on wet skin. (Could cause burns.)
  • Do not use the infrared light treatment if you are pregnant.
  • Consult your physician before using bursitis infrared light devices if you suffer from serious medical conditions.

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