Bursitis Laser Therapy

Laser therapy offers safe, effective, efficient and painless treatment for inflammatory conditions like bursitis, tendonitis or arthritis.

Concentrated beam of light - at the correct wavelength, density and timing - is aimed at the affected area and the energy is absorbed through the skin and soft tissues to do its magic.

Benefits of laser treatment

How can bursitis laser treatment improve your condition:

  • Reduced swelling and inflammation

Lasers make exit of toxins through the lymph and blood systems easier.

  • Relieved pain

Lasers cause the body to release its own natural pain killers - the endorphins - and depress pain receptors.

  • Restored joint and muscle mobility

Again, lasers boost drainage of bursitis waste products through the lymph and blood systems for enhanced mobility.

  • Increased blood flow

Lasers stimulate vascular activity and so the blood flow increases into the affected area.

  • Improved nerve function

Lasers stimulate nerve cell processes, including production of body’s hormone serotonin, which is key in transmitting nerve impulses.

  • Accelerated metabolic activity

Lasers cause higher generation and inflow of oxygen and enzymes that bring more energy into the affected areas.

  • Boosted immune system

Lasers boost body's natural cortisol production. Cortisol enhances body’s immunity and so healing.

  • Faster Healing

Lasers accelerate cell and fibroblast growth and collagen synthesis in damaged tissues and as a result speed up the healing time.

  • No side effects

Frequency and length of laser treatment

The intensity of the tendonitis and bursitis laser treatment will depend on the type and severity of your inflammatory condition.

It also must be taken into account that effects of laser therapy are cumulative and so every session builds up on the last one.

Acute bursitis usually responds to the laser therapy very quickly, even after the very first treatment.

Chronic conditions take longer to heal, but the bursitis can be controlled with ongoing regular treatments.

On average, a series of three 10 minute sessions a week is prescribed, for at least three weeks.

Successive treatments are scheduled as needed.

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