Bursitis Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy has been used for centuries to heal a wide variety of health aliments and aches, including bursitis and tendonitis.

A magnet is usually made from individual metals, mixed metals or a combination of metals and non-metals. It produces an energetic field that spreads to the nearby objects.

How does bursitis Magnetic Therapy work

Well, the truth is, no-one really knows how exactly magnets interact with the human body. But they can work wonders for us and that's what matters.

Pain relief

It is believed that magnetic treatment can influence pain receptors in the affected area (direct contact with the magnet) and in the brain (transmission through blood) and act as a slight anesthetic.

Magnets may also enhance production of endorphins - natural pain killers - in the brain.

Increased flow of fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients into the affected area as a result of magnetic treatment decreases discomfort too.

Some scientists came to the conclusion that electro-magnetic field of a magnet can alter the electro-magnetic signals of the nervous system - such as feeling of pain - and so you feel less achy as a result of bursitis magnetic therapy.

Fresh blood

Magnets seem to increase blood flow to:

  • Deliver oxygen to the painful area
  • Distribute nutrients to the tissues
  • Support production of iron / hemoglobin
  • Balance cell production
  • Increase production of white cells - body's healing & detox agents

And the result?

  • Accelerated healing
  • Pain relief
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Energised body and mind that copes with bursitis / tendonitis better

Healing magnetic devices, gadgets & accessories

You name it, they have it:

  • magnetic patches, plasters, tapes and bandages
  • magnetic disks
  • magnetic shoe insoles
  • magnetic jewellry - bracelets, rings
  • magnetic headbands
  • magnetic straps
  • magnetic mattress pads

How strong should your magnet be?

The strength of a magnetic field is measured in 'gauss' (G) or 'tesla' (1 tesla = 10k G).

  • Natural magnetic field of the Earth = about 0.5 G
  • Magnet that you have on your fridge = about 50 G
  • Therapeutic magnet = 200 - 5,000 G
  • MRI = about 15,000 G or more

The power of a magnet depends on its size and the material it is made of. Different materials have different levels of strength and depth of penetration (e.g. the rare metal of neodymium has very concentrated and penetrating magnetic force).

Ideally, get a bi-polar / alternating magnet (i.e. that seeks both the north and the south poles and so is 'full') or a 'north-seeking' one as they are deemed to be more beneficial for our health.

3 rules of bursitis magnetic therapy

1. Wear it close

For maximum bursitis pain relief, place your magnet on the:

  • Affected area (where it hurts)
  • 'Referring' area (e.g. if hip pain is caused by lower spine issues)
  • Acupressure points (where your energy pathways are strong, meet and/or are close to the skin surface)

If you have more than area on your body to treat then you will need more than one magnetic device.

There is an exponential decrease in the strength of a magnet as the distance from the affected increases. For illustration, if you place a magnet directly over your elbow joint, it will affect it with a strenght of, let's say, 3,000 G. Place it 4cm from the elbow and the magnetic force will diminish to mere 200 G. What a difference!

It is also true that the actual strength of the magnet can be much less when eventually it reaches the joint than its face value gauss rating if the joint is placed deep in the tissues (hip joint, for example).

It's a bit like when you throw a stone into water and the ciruclar ripples appear, widening apart and weakening the further away they are from the place where the stone hit the water in the first place. The magnetic field works in a very similar way.

2. Wear it always

If you can, wear your magnet 24x7. The moment you remove it, its healing power is gone.

Another reason why it is wise to sleep with your magnetic device on is because your body is at rest at night - its most productive healing phase. So why not help it even more! Healing bursitis overnight has a new meaning...

3. Expect nothing, gain everything

Some people experience almost immediate relief, some do not 'feel anything' for months.

We are all so unique and the effectiveness of the bursitis magnetic therapy depends on so many factors, for example:

  • Severity and source of your condition
  • Your body - constitution, metabolism, age, health levels,..
  • The type of magnet you are using - its quality and how compatible it is with your body

Do not be discouraged if the first attempt proves unsuccessful. Experiment. Be patient.

Is bursitis magnetic therapy safe?

Magnetic field therapy generally does not have any known side effects, but is not recommended for:

  • Pregnant women
  • People with pacemaker, defibrillator, insulin pump etc.
  • Patients with surgically implanted metal pins and screws
  • Patients wearing trans-dermal drug patches
  • Patients with an open a wound
  • Individuals with allergy to rare metals (or get a magnet plated with non-reactive metal)

Tell your health care professional about any complementary practices you use.

In the very rare case of rash or pain increase, discontinue use and contact your doctor.

Keep magnets at least six inches away from your credit cards, electronics, or similar items, as loss of data may happen.

Subject your bursitis magnetic therapy little helpers to regular deep clean.

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