Why bursitis physical therapy works

Before we even start to talk about the wonders of bursitis physical therapy, let me make one thing clear:

Do not start any exercises of the affected joint until the acute inflammation of bursitis / tendonitis has gone!

On the other hand, please do not take this the wrong way. There is no reason why you should not gently exercise other parts of the body that have not been targeted by inflammation.

Also, if you try to carefully move the resting inflamed joint through its full range of motion, you help to prevent stiffness in the area, which is important and speeds recovery.

When the pain goes away and you are ready, add other exercises to strengthen the muscles around your joint. This will add extra protection from future injuires and bursitis / tendonitis flares.

Stretch & warm up

These basic rules will help your tissues to survive the stress and load of activity without repetitive trauma and developing chronic bursitis / tendonitis:

  • Take time to stretch before and after exercise
  • Increase your activity only slowly and gradually
  • Stop and rest if you feel pain
  • Avoid activities that place excessive stress on your joints

Variety is key

Repetitive movements are one of the main causes of the inflammation of bursae and tendons. Solution?

  • Do your best to alternate repetitive tasks so that you are using different parts of your body.
  • Take breaks. Don't perform one activity continuously for a longer periods of time.

Sitting in an office whole day? Get up and walk around every hour or so.

Work tool causing bursitis? Switch hands or change the way you hold the tool from time to time.

Particular sport causing pain? Cross-train.

Improve your technique

If a specific activity is linked to your bursitis, learning proper technique from a professional instructor can help you to avoid bursitis by using your muscles and joints in a safer manner.

Get equipped

Do you suspect a particular piece of equipment to have caused your bursitis?

Have an expert check the equipment to make sure it is suitable and set up properly for your size, height, ability and usual activities to protect your joints from excessive stress.

Get professional manual, instructions, and even better - lessons to learn how to use the equipment.

Protect and protect again

Protect your most vulnerable joints from excessive pressure. Pads, braces, proper shoes, ergonomic equipment,...you name it ...countless nifty 'little helpers' are out there and will do the trick to support your bursitis physical therapy.

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