Bursitis podiatry therapy

Have you ever looked at your feet and said: Thank you for all the hard work today...?

Well, maybe it is not such a crazy idea, because:

  • An average person walks about 130 thousand km in a lifetime. That's 3 times around the globe!
  • Each foot contains >100 bursae, tendons and ligaments, >30 joints, >30 muscles and 26 bones. That's a good quarter of all the bones in your entire the body!
  • Feet literally connect us to the mother Earth.
  • One in six Americans have foot problems, of which 85% require professional attention at some stage of their lives.
  • Feet are 'mirrors of health' that can give an early indication of serious problems, such as circulatory, neurological and inflammatory diseases (e.g. diabates and arthritis often appear first in the feet).

Taking our feet for granted and not giving them the attention they deserve can, among other aliments, cause bursitis.

The foot of the problem

Chances are that a house without a strong and balanced foundation would collapse, right?

Similar logic can be applied to your body. Feet are the foundation of our body that support the entire structure above.

When our feet go out of alignment, other misalignments might follow throughout the ankles, knees, pelvis, spine, the whole body. Heaven for joint and back pain...and for bursitis inflammation also!

Everything in the body is interconnected.

And so finding and correcting the misalignment usually relieves the pain.

That's where bursitis podiatry treatment comes in.

The foot magicians

Podiatrists (also known as chiropodists, podiatric physicians, podiatric medical professionals or simply 'foot doctors') specialise in health of the feet, ankles and lower leg (skeletal, muscular and soft tissue). However, they also deal with the hips and lower back, which are often closely associated with foot function.

  • Identify and diagnose foot disorders, diseases and deformities.
  • Treat the aliments of the feet to reduce pain, protect and improve foot structure and motion, tissues and skin.
  • Correct biomechanics of the body (posture issues or leg discrepancy) that may be aggravating your bursitis condition.

Podiatrists cooperate with other specialists - for example physiotherapists, orthotists, occupational therapists or sports medicine doctors.

Bursitis in the foot

Here are the parts of your feet most prone to bursitis:

  • Bunion

Inflammed sac of bursa on the side of your big toe (metatarsophalangeal) or baby bunion on the side of the little toe.

  • Forefoot bursitis

Bursitis on the ball of your foot (metatarsal bursa) or between your toes (intermetatarsal bursa).

  • Achilles / Retrocalcaneal bursitis

As the name suggests, this is inflammation of bursa sacs in the area of the achilles tendon.

All of these common foot problems are absolutely preventable and reversible with proper care for your feet.

Podiatrist are able to establish whether you developed bursitis as a result of a foot condition and if so, address any underlying causes.

Bursitis podiatry therapy

  • Management of acute and chronic inflammation of bursae and tendons.
  • Alignment of your pelvis and spine by ddressing any abnormal foot function to reduce stress on the irritated bursae.
  • Prescription of feet orthotic devices to cushion, realign and/or relieve pressure on specific areas of your foot.
  • Specialist footwear assessment, advice and adaptations. Badly fitting shoes can lead to pain and eventual deformities (e.g bunions).
  • Advice related to the function of the feet and lower leg (e.g. joint protection, stretching exercises).

What can you expect from podiatric appointment

Your podiatrist will most likely:

  • Ask you questions about your symptoms
  • Ask you questions about your work / hobby activities that could cause bursitis
  • Examine your foot
  • Assess your foot function while you stand and walk barefoot

See a podiatrist or not to see a podiatrist?

Do visit a podiatrist if you:

  • Feel pain in your feet - that's your body telling you there's something going on
  • Have bursitis of the feet - for bursitis podiatry therapy
  • Have bursitis in other parts of the body - and want to find out if it can be associated with abnormal foot function so you can heal faster or prevent further flares of inflammation
  • Want to get into a routine of regular foot health check-ups to prevent over 300 different foot conditions that are out there...because prevention is always better than a cure!

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