Bursitis Reflexology Explained

Bursitis reflexology is not a massage.

Instead, it is an ancient alternative healing practie according to which feet, hands and ears contain a map of the entire body.

'Foot charts' were even found on the walls of the pyramids in Egypt.

The foot contains more than 7,500 nerve endings. Each one of those nerves corresponds to a gland, organ and muscle in the body.

When we put too much pressure on our feet or do not take care of them properly, they can send distress signals to the legs, spine and other parts of the body. If untreated, these signals of distress can accumulate into areas of energy blockages, inflammation, pain and/or lead to injury.

So by manipulating the areas around nerve endings of the feet/hands/ears we in turn stimulate the corresponding parts of the body. Such stimulation is believed to relieve physical discomfort and have a positive effect on our health and well-being.

And that is exactly what feet reflexology is - practice of stimulating areas of the feet, hands and ears with specific hand, thumb and finger techniques.

For example, if you suffer form bursitis or tendonitis in your heel, a reflexologist would apply pressure to the area of your hand that corresponds with that inflamed and painful part on your foot.

How does bursitis reflexology work

Bursitis reflexology is:

  • Natural pain killer

Reflexology releases endorphins - the body's natural pain killers.

  • Energy balancer

By manipulating nerve endings on the feet / hands /ears, energy blockages are cleared out and 'life energy' Qi can flow freely through your body and heal your pains and aches.

  • Inflammation reducer

Reflexology reduces acidity in your body and so fights inflammation.

  • Relaxant

Bursitis foot reflexology is very relaxing, anxiety reducing and aids better quality of sleep by:

  • Releasing the 'hormone of happiness' serotonin
  • Blocking the 'hormone of stress' cortisol
  • Increasing carbon dioxide exhaled - helping to lower pulse rate
  • Decreasing blood pressure
  • Relaxing muscles
  • Slowing breathing and thinking

Life-saving when bursitis pain is killing you day and night!

  • Holistic health booster

The idea behind reflexology is that by working the foot, imbalances in the entire body are addressed and so the ability of your body to heal itself is enhanced.

Also, reflexology increases the production of lymphocytes in the blood and so supports your immunity.

  • Circulation enhancer

Reflexology can accelerate your recovery from bursitis, injury or surgery by improving circulation of blood and lymph in your body. So the body can deliver and fully utilise the oxygen and nutrition where needed.

Bursitis Reflexology Appointment

Reflexology is available for people from all walks of life and all age groups, babies and the elderly included.

  • Caution

Please inform your reflexology therapist of pregnancy and any health issues and medication you might have.

This is because reflexology stimulation is so effective that it could, for example, induce an unwanted kidney stone or gall bladder attack.

  • More than just a massage

Reflexology appointment often seems like a massage. In fact, however, your reflexology therapist is applying targeted pressure and various techniques to stimulate the reflex areas in your feet / hand /ears.

  • Detox

If your body is very toxic (due to using various toxic pain killers and other medical drugs, living in a polluted environment, eating unhealthy diet, smoking, etc.), you may break out in a cold sweat as a result of the reflexology treatment or experience mild flu-like symptoms (e.g. head ache, upset stomach, nausea).

If that is the case, inform your therapist so she/he can continue the session in a more slow and gentle way. However, definitely continue with the treatment as these are good (although not very enjoyable) signs of detoxification and your body is showing you that reflexology cleansing is exactly what it needs!

  • Tickly feet?

No problem. Reflexology treatment use 'firm grip' and firm pressure techniques (not painful at all, just firm) and so tickling is out of question.

  • Pain?

It is normal for activated reflexology points on your feet / hands / ears to respond to pressure with 'comfortable pain' sensation, which subsides as the treatment continues.

If you suffer from pain in your foot and so performing bursitis reflexology on your feet is out of question, your reflexologist can work your hands and / or ears instead.

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