Bursitis Reiki Therapy

Should you consider bursitis Reiki treatment?

"When the mind is calm, the body can heal."

Reiki (ray-key) is an ancient healing method 'discovered' about 3,000 ago by Mikao Usui, a japanese monk and a doctor.

In Japanese, Rei means 'spirit' and Ki means 'life force' (known Chi / Qi in China and Prana in India) - the non-physical energy that is flowing through all living things and makes us alive.

Reiki focuses on the main energy centers in and around your body - chakras, meridians, aura,...

It is believed that if flow of energy is blocked, disrupted or exhausted, your body and/or mind can become ill as a result.

The idea is that the flow of 'universal life energy' between the Reiki practitioner and the receiver of this treatment helps to free up energy pathways through chakras in order for you to be healthy - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Reiki is an alternative 'energetic' medicine and can definitely alleviate and mediate your bursitis and tendonitis aches.

Effects of bursitis Reiki treatment

After a Reiki session, you can expect to have:

  • Muscles relaxed
  • Body organs and their functions balanced
  • Cleansing of body wastes & toxins enhanced
  • Sleep improved (1hr Reiki = restorative power of 3hrs of sleep)
  • Digestion improved
  • Addictions (e.g. to medication, 'inflammatory' foods) released
  • Energy flow unblocked
  • Body, mind and spirit harmonised and learned how to relax
  • Emotional stress, anxiety and frustration from bursitis released
  • Suppressed feelings and emotions let go
  • Positive thinking boosted
  • Sense of wellbeing increased
  • Root of the problem rather than only symptoms targeted

Benefits of bursitis Reiki treatment

And why does it matter? Because:

  • Physical tension is reduced
  • Pain is reduced (drug free, yay!)
  • Inflammation is subsided
  • Side effects of medications relieved
  • Body's own natural ability to heal is accelerated
  • Immune system strenghtened
  • Body and mind are relaxed and refreshed
  • Ability to cope better with painful bursitis condition is enhanced
  • Positive signals sent from mind to body - body acts accordingly
  • Relaxation is made part of routine for more active and happy life

What to expect from bursitis Reiki session

During a Reiki treatment, you sit or lie down, fully clothed, while the practitioner places hands gently in a series of positions on / over the body to reconnect you to 'universal energy', and soft music is playing in the background. (Hmmm, sounds lovely and relaxing...)

Typically, Reiki is performed through light touch of hands. However, advanced practitioners can carry out Reiki healing 'no-touch', either by holding their hands just above the surface of your body or even do a distance healing through visualization.

This makes Reiki a fantastic alternative healing treatment when your bursitis and tendonitis flare up is at its highest and the last thing you want is someone touching you.

The whole body is treated during a session, not just the affected area.

Throughout your Reiki session you may feel:

  • Slight tingling sensation in the area being treated
  • Feeling of heat or cold in the area being treated
  • Deep feeling of relaxation in both your mind and your body (muscle tension gone, mind 'switches off', breathing slows down) - you may even snooze a little
  • Certain meditative, spiritual, visual experience
  • Sounds from your stomach :)

Your healer cannot promise you any specific results, because everyone is unique in how they respond to Reiki healing. But one promise can be made for sure - every person that experiences Reiki, receives healing benefits.

A treatment usually lasts about 1 hour. Typically, Reiki treatment is the most effective with three initial sessions as close together as possible - ideally within a week - and then 2-4 times a month, depening on seriousness of your burisit and / or other conditions. The choice is yours.

Are there any contraindications to Reiki treatment?

Reiki is a gentle energy treatment and works well with other alternative and conventional medical therapies.

There are no contraindications associated with Reiki, and anyone may benefit from having a treatment.

Still in doubt? Too airy-fairy?

You might be thinking:

  • Reiki sounds almost too good to be true
  • Can 'laying hands over my body' really get rid of my bursitis pain?
  • Reiki sounds too 'new-agey'
  • Reiki may lack scientific credibility

And here are just a few of the reasons why thousands and thousands of satisfied patients, dedicated doctors, therapists and healers love it:

  • Pain cannot really be measured by conventional tests.

Yet, pain is very real...and hurts...and can literally ruin your life.

And so why do we really insist on the cure, such as Reiki, to be able to pass the current conventional research tests to prove its ability to heal us...and save our lives?

  • Placing hands on aching parts of the body is an ancient practice.

When your head hurts, what do you do? Chances are you will hold it in your hands, right? What do you do if you fall on your knee? You will place your hands on it, right? Sounds familiar? Reminds you of Reiki, perhaps?

The best way to understand Reiki is to experience it. Enjoy! And I know it will help. Let me know how bursitis Reiki treatments work for you.

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