Bursitis Shiatsu Massage

Bursitis shiatsu is not only a deeply relaxing physical therapy but a means to a healthy integration of your body, mind and spirit. This is because the massage balances body's physical structure as well as its energy flow.

The 3,000 years old Japanese healing art of shiatsu is rooted in traditional oriental medicine. It is based on a similar pressure point concept as Chinese acupressure and acupuncture.

BurQitis? BurKitis? BurChitis?

Traditional oriental medicine as well as modern Quantum Physics see the world in terms of energy where all living things are manifestations of the universal energy (also called life energy or life force), called Qi (also called Ki or Chi).

And so logically, if Qi means life and health, blocked Qi means physical and emotional sickness. Including bursitis and tendonitis.

So as bursitis shiatsu works on your acupuncture points located along the meridians (your body's 'energy higways'), it balances your mind, muscles, circulator system, lymphatic system, organs...and your Qi, restoring your health and well-being.

How does bursitis shiatsu work

The moves

Shiatsu means 'finger pressure' in Japanese and, as name suggests, uses:

  • Touch and comfortable pressure - fingers and hands
  • Gentle manipulations - joint rotation release
  • Stretching

Shiatsu does not use:

  • Needles
  • Oils / lotions
  • Harsh strokes of elbows or knuckles (unlike deep tissue massage)

The physiological effects

  • Balanced musculoskeletal system (posture, range of motion etc.)
  • Reduced muscular tension
  • Loosened stiff joints
  • Stimulated circulation of body fluids - blood, lymph
  • Normalised organ function
  • Detoxification
  • Boosted immune system
  • Controlled endocrine and hormonal systems
  • Regulated nervous system
  • Enhanced digestion / absorption of nutrients

The healing benefits

Bursitis shiatsu can largely reduce - or even eliminate - causes and symptoms of bursitis, tendinitis and / or arthritis as it:

  • Relieves pain
  • Increases range of motion for your joints and muscles
  • Naturally stimulates the healing abilities of your body
  • Reduces emotional stress and anxiety resulting from bursitis
  • Heals the whole person - the mind and the body

Your first shiatsu appointment

Expect relaxed, friendly and professional atmosphere.

During the first visit, evaluation of your condition and overall health should be carried out so the shiatsu practitioner understands the underlying causes of your bursitis that the therapy needs to address.

Shiatsu is traditionally performed on the floor on a futon or on a massage table for increased comfort.

The treatment does not use any massage oils and so is usually given through your clothing (wear comfortable loose clothes with a thin material) or a sheet.

As your shiatsu therapist applies some gentle pressure to the acupuncture points, you can feel some sensitivity or 'comfortable pain' (somewhere between comfort and pain). Such good therapeutic pain will help you to heal.

The big difference between shiatsu and many other physical therapies is that shiatsu does not work only on localised muscles and joints, but on the overall energy system of your body instead. So do not be surprised if your entire self is treated during the session although you came there with a pain in your knee.

How long before I see results?

It depends. You can feel results immediately. Or the effects may take time, depending on type and severity of your condition, overall health, medical history of yourself and your family,....

Typically, it is a good idea to see a shiatsu practitioner 1-4 times a month. Regular sessions are great not only for treatment of joint issues but also for prevention of bursitis to ensure it does never come back. Ever.

Bursitis shiatsu is a non-invasive natural treatment that can be used on its own or to complement other therapies. It is often used before an acupuncture treatment, for example.

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