Bursitis Sleep Therapy

You might be a bit suspicious about this bursitis sleep therapy idea. And rightly so - chances are you have had trouble sleeping because the bursitis and tendonitis pain often gets worse at night. And it's getting on your nerves.

If it was not enough that insufficient amount and quality of sleep is annoying, it can have really negative effects on both your mental as well as physical health.

This is because large proportion of body’s healing happens at night while you are (or should be) getting your sleep.

So if you don’t sleep well, your bursitis won’t go away anytime soon either. Vicious cycle. What's the way out of it?

Cushion up

I love a firm bed mattress. And it is supposed to be good for the health of your spine. But what it's not very good for, is bursitis and tendonitis as it actually increases pressure on joints.

Memory foam - like mattresses and waterbeds are a much better choice as they mold to the body's curves and provide support that allows for better relaxation and healing of muscles, bones and joints. This is exactly why memory foam has been widely used in hospitals for patients recovering from difficult surgeries who need to stay in bed for longer periods of time. If it's good for them, it might work for you too....

Hip bursitis

I don't know how about you, but sleeping on the side always made my hip bursitis worse. But if you do like to sleep on your side, place a pillow - ideally a firm one - between your knees to take the pressure of your pelvic area.

What worked for me the best is to sleep flat on my back with a cushion under the knees.

Knee bursitis

Similarly to the hip bursitis sleep advice, a pillow between your knees also helps if you are sleeping on your side.

Ideally, you would want to sleep on your back with a cushion under your knees (or only the knee with bursitis) to elevate them a bit so the knee pain and stiffness are minimised.

Shoulder bursitis

Try to tuck your head and neck into a memory foam pillow in a way that takes as much pressure off your shoulders as possible.

Sleepy herbs

Skip the sleeping pills. Try natural herbs instead.

Chamomile, lavender, valerian, lemon balm....all of these easily available natural herbal creations have mild sedative effect on the body and promote sleep and relaxation.

Just to be clear though - yes, herbs are much better than chemical pharmaceutical pills, but also do affect the brain chemistry so should only be used as a temporary sleep aid when bursitis induced insomnia hits you hard...

Equipped with a proper mattress, cushion and some herbs, I hope the nightmare of bursitis sleep pains will soon be just a bad dream of the past for you...

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