Bursitis ultrasound therapy

Bursitis ultrasound treatment uses waves that are pulsed over the affected area to create a healing therapeutic effect on body tissues and relieve pain associated with bursitis.

Ultrasound is boosting the natural healing process of your body instead of numbing your nervous system like many of the conventional medical anti-inflammatory solutions do.

Healing power of ultrasound

Bursitis ultrasound therapy creates sound / pressure waves that penetrate beneath the skin's surface layers to create micro-vibrations in the soft tissues within the affected area that stimulate your body in a similar way as exercise does and so the treatment may have the following therapeutic impact on your bursitis:


  • Increased blood flow
  • Deep thermal heating effect
  • Mechanical massaging effects
  • Relaxant effect on tissues


  • Blood delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the damaged tissues - aids the healing process
  • Reduced guarding of muscles, swelling and inflammation of tissues relieve pain and decrease the risk of subsequent chronic bursitis and tendonitis
  • Removed cellular waste and toxins make room for new healthy cells

Ultrasound gadgets

You know the drill, the doctor / nurse will expose the affected area, apply amount of ultrasound gel (which helps to transmit the ultrasound waves), gently massages the the area for a couple of minutes....

In the past, ultrasound therapy treatments were scarcely available for general rehabilitation purposes and very costly, so only available for trauma patients, professional athletes, and the like.

Later on, the ultrasound has spread to the physiotherapy and chiropractic clinics.

But who has the time and money to go to the clinics 7 times a week, right?

Home ultrasound machines are now available for ultrasound bursitis treatment and rehabilitation. Such ultrasonic treatments are more affordable and convenient than chiropractor and physical therapist visits.

The great news is that it is now possible, safe and very affordable to rehab your bursitis and tendonitis in the comfort of your own home, using a special portable home ultrasound device.

The modern technologies made it possible for the home ultrasound gadgets to be just as effective as the machines at your doctor's.

Low cost. Fast pain relief. Convenience, convenience, convenience.

How long until I see results?

It all depends on the strength of the bursitis ultrasound device you are using.

Typically, you will notice pain leaving your body immediately after you begin treating yourself and it will usually take about 2 weeks until you are completely pain-free (with approximately 2-10 minute treatments 2-4 times per day).

Interestingly, ultrasound is known for its 'cumulative effect', i.e. its strenght increases with repeated use ratether than strong dosage here and there. Each treatment builds upon the healing provided by the previous one.

That is why it is such a good idea to continue to treat yourself on a regular basis to ensure that your bursitis / tendonitis and similar conditions do not return.

The home devices have been designed to provide you with frequent ultrasound treatments, safely in the comfort of your home.

And as the ultrasound device have many other uses (e.g. on the skin of your face), you are surely not throwing money out of the window by investing into a home ultrasound gadget.

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