Beware: Foods causing
inflammation and bursitis

Avoid foods causing inflammation and focus on fresh, natural, non-GMO greens, vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts and seeds instead. Drink loads.

You can reduce the symptoms of your bursitis and tendonitis (or prevent them entirely!) just by having your diet in check.

Bad boys to watch out for:

Acidic foods

It's simple: acid promotes inflammation.

Foods can be neutral, acid or alkaline, depending on their mineral components. Ideally, you want to keep your body in slightly alkaline or neutral state. Too much acidity in the body may cause diseases, such as bursitis. Your body releases substances that promote inflammation in response to the ingestion of acidic foods.

So a key dietary adjustment for the treatment of your bursitis and tendonitis is reducing your intake of acidic foods causing inflammation.

Limit / avoid (acidic):

  • Refined salt and sucrose/sugar
  • Dairy products (yes, no cheese with bursitis)
  • Wheat (avoiding bread when your bursitis strikes will help)
  • Meat (red meat in particular and all meats in general)
  • Unripened fruits (the acid taste of ripe fruit does not actually mean anything, they become alkaline during metabolism, but unripened fruits are too acidic and the body can't do anything about it)
  • Alcohol, medical drugs, tobacco, caffeine

Substitutes (alkaline / neutral):

  • Greens, vegetables, fruits
  • Legumes, nuts and seeds

Processed foods

With the grocery shop shelves overflowing with packaged foods, it is easy to end up with a diet of over-processed foods loaded with toxic flavoring and coloring additives, preservatives and refined ingredients.

Such additives can increase your sensitivity to inflammation and / or directly activate inflammatory processes in your body.

Limit / avoid:

  • Foods and meals 'in a box' with a suspiciously long shelf life
  • Junk fast foods


  • Fresh raw foods or meals crafted from all-natural ingredients

Added refined concentrated sweeteners

Spikes in your blood sugar may fuel the inflammation associated with bursitis / tendonitis.

Also, excess body weight increases stress on your joints, worsening the conditions even further. So avoid empty calories - foods high in calories and low in nutrition - at all costs.

You do not want these foods to take the place of healthy foods that could contribute anti-inflammatory nutrients to your diet instead.

Limit / avoid:

  • Concentrated and refined sugar / sucrose / sweeteners, cane sugar, corn syrup
  • Soft drinks (even sports beverages!)
  • Processed foods (such as packaged conventional desserts, candy, pastries, ice cream, cereals)

Possible substitutes:

  • Fruit! (raw is the best, dried will do)
  • Water, herbal tea, fruit / veggie juice

High GI foods, refined starches

Similarly to what we said about the sweeteners above, foods with high glycemic index (GI) can cause:

  • Spikes in blood sugar levels that increase inflammation in the body
  • Difficulties in managing appetite (cravings, overeating) and weight, increasing strain placed on joints, bursae and tendons

Limit / avoid:

  • Refined grains and starches (white bread, white pasta, white rice and refined cereals)

Possible low GI substitutes:

  • Whole grains (whole-wheat, buckwheat, quinoa, oatmeal, barley or brown rice)
  • Greens, veggies, legumes, nuts, seeds


Genetically engineered crops contain genetic particles that stimulate inflammation (among many other health issues).

Limit / avoid:

  • Soy products
  • Corn
  • Cotton seed oil
  • Sugar beets
  • Papaya
  • Zuchinni
  • Yellow squash
  • Alfafa
  • Vegetable oil

You are generally at higher risk when consuming the above foods if you are living in the US where GMOs are widely used to grow these crops.

No matter where your home is, however, watch out for GMOs in your food, they will do your body no good.

Food allergies

It is the best to eliminate any food group from your diet that you could be allergic to and could kick off your bursitis / tendonitis inflammation. Lactose intolerance is a common one.

How do you know what you are allergic to?

  • Food journal and self-administered elimination test - re-introducting food groups one-by-one into your diet after a certain period of time to see how your body reacts to them
  • Allergy blood test
  • Allergy skin scratch test

Dark knights

Surprisingly enough, there are foods causing inflammation, bursitis and tendonitis that you might want to avoid, even though they are otherwise very healthy - namely, the nightshade family.

Limit / avoid:

  • Tomatoes (I love tomatoes so this was a tough one for me)
  • Eggplant
  • Bell peppers
  • Potatoes

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